Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mr. President, we have a situation...


I must admit, Hillary Clinton's red phone ad had its intended effect on me. As I watched that ad, nagging feelings of doubt rose within me, serious doubts about Barack Obama which I realized I had been suppressing for far too long. Was he really ready to answer that phone, and deal with the crisis which so menacingly threatens the six children I didn't even know I had? Was he truly the him I had been waiting for?

Or is it the principled, capable, and downright reassuring David Palmer I've been thinking of all along? I know I want him answering that phone, and I know who I want him to contact next. I can even safely assume the situation will be resolved one way or another within 24 hours. And how!

Their similarities are slightly more than superficial, so we could pretend to have a serious discussion on a number of fronts, including television's role in preparing the nation for a black or a female president. Feel free to do so in the comments. (It is, I know, hardly an original concept. I do promise it occurred to me before I saw this, or this. Or even this. And my graphic is better.)


mnlop said...

well i suppose it's time for me to come out of the closet and sat that I Hillary'd the vote. I'd prefer a pres who's already made mistakes (and presumably learned from them). It's all about the learning curve.

mnlop said...

heh, of course, i mean PRE-presidency mistakes (not George). !

Katie said...

Emily - you supported your famous alumni, and I supported mine (although Barack only attended Oxy for a brief stint before transferring up and out). I have to say - it's a strange day when this fiscal conservative (black sheep) votes for the same person my brothers voted for. Registered 'non-partisan' meant I had to vote for a Dem. So, I voted for the person who had the cheapest health care plan.

$110 billion annually
$65 billion

Feed said...

Nope. The media says I'm in the Obama group. If he's not an option, I'll probably just get bored and go play some video games.