Thursday, March 20, 2008

Getting closer to the perfect compact camera

This new camera from Panasonic edges closer to the perfect compact digital camera: 25 mm wide-angle lens, widescreen HD video recording, touchscreen interface, and a refreshing distaste for a bunch of stupid curves in its physical design. The perfect compact digital camera, however, would also feature the swivel design of this Nikon camera, which lets you get shots from better angles, but also lets you take photos without people realizing you're getting them (both those photos are from Jeremy, who has a sweet older camera with that swivel form factor).


Adam said...

Looks nice, but I'm not thrilled that so many cameras these days are showing up without RAW support. These companies don't want the technically challenged folks thinking the camera's bad because they accidentally switched to RAW and can't figure out how to open the files or the images come out looking flat. I know most people just want a jpeg, but at least give me the option.

super advanced said...

My Nikon is on its last legs, it turns on and off when it wants and switches modes randomly. Unfortunately when Nikon brought back the swivel they didn't give it the same manual features as the original 10lb model. This one looks nice though, I'll have to check it out.