Saturday, March 22, 2008

Grover explains Sesame Street Videos Beta

Muppets are awesome! They're so simple, yet so expressive. At work, I help create computer puppets with thousands of controls for big, expensive movies. It's refreshing to see that you only really need a few controls to make a character come to life. Their eyes don't even move. I've been watching a lot of old Muppet Show and Sesame Street shorts and now the people at Sesame Workshop have made it easier. Lots of videos as you will hear Grover explain. The intro is quite funny. The player is a little fickle so be patient because it's worth it for a trip down memory lane. It's great reference for aspiring animators too.


Tom said...

Just this past week I got one of the Sesame Street: Old School DVDs via Netflix. It was even awesomer than I had remembered. Googling around, I found a site that is overpriced but looks like it has good info on how to make muppets: link

Liz said...

That is super cool! It's reassuring that the Muppets are even funnier and more clever than I remember from my childhood.

And I love the muppet pattern site Tom found (although...$25 bucks for a simple pattern?). I want to find a way to be a Muppet for Halloween this year.

p.b.and.j said...

Wow... Watch the martian encounter with the telephone. That's pure gold.