Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ambition Makes You Look Pretty Ugly

I predict this post will be heaped with scorn—if not outright deleted-- because
a) it’s not nerdy enough
b) Tom surely disapproves of at least 90% of these bands.

However, in my attempt to bring Culture to the masses and stick it to The Man (while using Gratuitous Capital Letters as much as possible) I have to point you to Stereogum. This music website has compiled cover versions of three iconic albums, available to stream from the website or download for free. I like the Radiohead collection the best, but that’s probably because OK Computer is such a classic, well-written album. Some songs are stronger than others, but overall they are fun re-imaginings of some of my favorite songs.


Tom said...

A) it's mathematically impossible to disapprove of 90% of three bands, unless I only partially disapprove of one or more. I only know one way to disapprove and that's full-throttle.

B) For whatever reason, covers have a much higher hit rate than other kinds of songs. Plus I think B-York(e) are probably the Mozarts of our time, though I'm getting tired of Bjork and not so much of Thom York(e).

Liz said...

Um, not to get all up on your math, but each song on each album is by a different band, so I stand by my 90% disapproval hypothesis.

I was very tired of Radiohead until their latest album showed they still have it.

Tom said...

Oh, those bands, if you can even call them "bands", more like a bunch of kids with sticks.

Feed said...

by all means, more culture please. This is another logistics problem; we're all nerds.

(e.g. me deleting and resending this comment just so I could use a semicolon. Poorly.)