Wednesday, June 25, 2008 - Money, Not Candy

If anyone hasn't checked out for managing your money, I suggest you do so. When tax time came, I tried Quicken and Microsoft Money each for the second time, and I can't imagine how they made it that far in this world. Not that is perfect - you can't create your own categories, for example, and I have yet to find a way to have it show me only the transactions where money is going out as opposed to in. Probably some part of their ultimate ploy to make money off of me. For now it *seems* free.


Kaahl said...

Mint = Irfanview, Quicken = Photoshop. That's all I am saying. Quicken has high startup barriers, but on-going management is fairly easy. Now that all my auto-downloads are set up, and payees are memorized, I just need 2-4 hours a month to update everything--~15 checking, savings, credit, investment, and student loan accounts. I've been locked in since 2003 and have always been happy--tax management is integrated and they have an excellent short-term budget feature and decent long-term planning component.

Adam said...

I use mint too. It's cool, but doesn't have New Zealand banks yet.