Friday, May 02, 2008

HD Division

So I made the plunge and bought a the middle of the road Mac Book (first blog post from the new putar).  I am going to install Vista on the drive (am I hearing boos and hisses?) but I am wondering about how much disk space to put on each partition.  It all hinges on a fairly n00b question that I can't find the answer to--I know they use different file systems, but is the data from OS X available for Windows to read?  For example, do I need two copies of my music?  How do you guys have your Macs divided?  Do you even boot it up into OS X ever?  I am considering giving OS X a try, to see if I like it better than windows. (more boos and hisses?)

Also, lol for reading this article at Teh Consumerist.  Sure enough, he pitched all that crap, and I turned down the hard sell.  Then he got crafty.  In the end we worked out a bargain where he sold me Apple Care for $66 off the $250 price ($183) in exchange for him giving me the student discount ($100 off my $1300 laptop).  Then we agreed that I would return the Apple Care for a refund at a different store.  I guess I would drive 20 minutes for $100.  


Kaahl said...

Also I bought this:

Tom said...

The Mac can read the windows partition, but not write to it. Windows can't read the mac partition. At least that's how it is in XP, Vista may be different. I also saw a post the other day somewhere about some thing you could install on mac that can make it write to Widows partitions. John has soe additional info about partitioning - he made the OSX partition too small and it won't let him do some upgrades or something. I'd go XP rather than Vista, but whatever.